Hardware Suppliers

Every chocolate maker is different, and there’s no definitive answers when it comes to deciding what equipment to use or where to source it.

On this page you’ll find some of the equipment suppliers we’ve used and have experience of, both large and small. Although a listing here is not a recommendations, in our experience we have found all these suppliers to be reliable and trustworthy.

It’s worth taking note of the location of each supplier. Although many will ship worldwide, sending heavy equipment around the world can be expensive and result in additional duties and fees.

Need Advice?

If you’re feeling overwhelmed by the choice of equipment available, or are just looking for advice or consultancy to help fit out our chocolate workshop or factory, please get in touch. We provide a range of consultancy options and can help find the perfect solution for you.

Chocolate Machine Makers & Distributors

Chocolate Alchemy (US)
John Nanci’s Chocolate Alchemy is a fantastic resource for all chocolate makers, but he also produces and sells some amazing chocolate making equipment for small chocolate makers.

Diamond Custom Machines (US)
DCM are best known for their customised melangers. They take machines made by Premier and customise them to make them more robust and reliable for chocolate making. Their products are also available to buy onine from Amazon UK and Amazon US.

Chocovision (US)
Best known for their Revolation range of small countertop tempering machines which are particularly popular with small chocolate makers and chocolatiers due to their size and relative affordability.

Selmi (Italy)
Selmi produce a range of medium to large scale chocolate machines, however they are best known for their range of continuous tempering machines which are hugely popular with makers around the world.

CocoaTown (US)
CocoaTown produce a range of chocolate making machines which are generally aimed at the small to medium sized craft chocolate maker. Their ECGC-65 ranger of melangers are a maintstay of the craft chocolate industry and can produce up to around 30kg of chocolate per batch.

FBM (Italy)
Another well known maker of machines, primarily aimed at medium sized chocolate makers.

Packint (Italy)
Packint produces a wide range high quality machines for medium scale chocolate makers and chocolatiers.

Home Chocolate Factory (UK)
Home Chocolate Factory is perhaps best known as a great source for chocolate moulds and simple packaging. They also distribute machinery in the UK, including Chocovision and Selmi tempering machines.