About XTC Chocolate

XTC is a new kind of chocolate maker. Experimental in nature and open by design.

XTC creates Open Source micro-batch craft chocolate recipes that can be adapted, modified and used by anyone. We believe that by sharing knowledge and ideas we can benefit both chocolate lovers and creators.

We don’t claim to know everything; to fully understand chocolate in all its forms would take a lifetime. We simply want to share our knowledge and experience to help others produce amazing, ethical craft chocolate.

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We aim to add new recipes and guides to this website on a weekly basis. If you’d like to support our work and help us to develop more resources for craft chocolate makers, please visit our support page to find out how you can help.

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Dom Ramsey

XTC has been created by award winning chocolate maker, consultant and writer Dom Ramsey.

Dom is Founder and chocolate maker at Damson Chocolate, Founder & Editor of Chocablog, Founder of Bean&Bar and Co-Founder of Cocoa Runners and World Chocolate Guide. I’m also a judge at the World Chocolate Masters, Academy of Chocolate Awards and International Chocolate Awards.

Consultancy & Bespoke Services

If you’re looking for consultancy for your craft chocolate project, recipe development or simply need a chocolate expert, you can contact Dom via his personal website.